Monday, June 6, 2011

Terry Lindsey Equidae Gallery

 A June Hello!  I can happily report a very successful open studio with several purchases of originals.  The weekend was gorgeous and attendees came from as far as California.   It was a delightful time but painting was impossible with well over 100 visitors.  

And now the TERRY LINDSEY EQUIDAE  GALLERY SUMMER SHOW COUNT DOWN begins for the 10th Year Celebration at the Holiday Inn in Saratoga, NY.  The show opens during set up on July 22 and goes to Sept. 5th.   The Friday of each week hosts a demo/talk wiht an artist at 10AM.  The gallery is open daily 9-9.  This is my excuse for not updating this blog weekly.  

I have chosen to show you the above finished version of Zenyatta and Mike.  It is an oil on linen canvas, 24 x 30 and thankfully allowed by photographer Rick Samuels.  Zenyatta has been a dream of mine to paint for a long time.  She is a gorgeous gal and successful!