Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Yes, it has been a while since anything has been added to my blog and for a great reason.  I am displaying the wondrous view of three of my grandsons visiting for the holidays.  Although you see only their backs you do see that Wren finally got use to "the invasion of the little people" and soon learned that they were always dropping morsels for her.   From left to right I introduce McCoy, 3 and then Luken and Quinn, 1 1/2.  Quite an amazing family.  Believe me there is no extra time.

The other image is of what I am presently creating in my studio.  For each of the grandchildren I have created the tradition of a dresser or toy box with original oils of different ideas that I think would be fun for them to see each day and grow up with.   Some have possessed memorable images of their parents' childhood, others of animals from around the world, gardens and flowers, and now the last three boys I have done a study of some of the classics and some imagined books to hopefully inspire their thoughts thru out their lives.  Next I will be adding the letters of the alphabet and images that can be enjoyed now and hopefully some that will be of interest into their teens.  So it is not designed for toddler age only.  It is a fun gift that I can give them.  I gesso the entire dresser and then treat it like an oil painting.  The finish is polyurethane to take a beating.  This dresser is for Ezra John Lenmark in Dillon, Montana.

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