Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Terry Lindsey Equidae Gallery

Here we are almost at the end of April. 

I have been working hard at a series of (ten) 10" x 10" paintings.  The theme is England.  Why ten?  This summer will be a TEN YEAR CELEBRATION of the existence of Terry Lindsey Equidae Gallery.   Last spring we visited many parts of England horsey and non horsey.  The above image is just one of the many shots that I took inside ancient churches.  It was Easter and tradition has it that the people from the town put personally designed bouquets of their choice in windows or other areas of their churches, for the holiday celebration.  It was a magnificent treat to see arrays of flowers tucked next to windows and stone work hundreds of years old.  Of course the traditional Daffodil is not overlooked.

YES.   The snow is gone and the bees are out in Dorset, Vermont! 


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