Monday, August 22, 2011


Here we are rounding the last turn of the track towards the finish for this summer show season.  It has been a beautiful summer and a perfect show.  The above image shows Artist Louise W. King's hand built beautiful blue clay horse.  Paintings with an exuberance of color and life are oils by Lesley Humphrey.  

As many know each Friday I have a demo or talk by an artist.  It was my turn on the 19th and we were headed to McLaughlins' stable to paint a handsome, dark bay named Alyarph.  Unfortunately, I was hit with a 24 hour bug that out me totally out of commission for the day.  For the first time in ten years I canceled a demo.  I am very sorry for those that traveled any distance and were not rewarded with the intimacy of the stable morning at the track.  I will still do the painting and sell it with proceeds going to MS in honor of Kiaran.  Thank you for your patience on last Friday.

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